Adult Parties

Pottery Painting Parties are the ULTIMATE LADIES NIGHT OUT.

and are a UNIQUE way to celebrate
* Birthdays * Anniversaries * Bachelorette Parties * Any Special Occasion!
Great for Red Hat Groups, Corporate Events, Sisterhoods, PTA's and Clubs and Fundraisers of all types!

Adult Private Room Party:
$100 plus pottery, gratuity, and tax
Book out Private Party Room and
BYO Refreshments! Maximum 24 guests.
Party Details:
  1. Includes use of party room for up to 3 hours during normal business hours (Sat-Wed 10-6, Thu-Fri 10-9)
  2. Accommodates up to 24 guests
  3. Includes Invitations
  4. Host provides refreshments, drinks, and paper goods
  5. Includes 1-2 Party Coordinators to set-up, clean up, and provide guidance.

"Adult Walk-In Party"
Cost = Total of pottery pieces, gratuity, and tax
Reserve space in our Main Studio during business hours. This is a non-food party.
Party Details:

  1. Space is reserved for you in our main studio
  2. Includes Invitations
  3. Includes 1 Party Coordinator to set-up, clean-up, and provide guidance

"Adult After-Hours Party"
$100 plus pottery, gratuity, and tax
Book our Entire Studio for your private party!
"After-Hours Party" is available:
Saturday thru Wednesday evenings, 6 pm - 9 pm
Party Details:

  1. Includes private use of our Entire Studio for up to 3 hours for a maximum of 50 guests
  2. Includes the use of our Party Room as a buffet area for your guests
  3. Host provides refreshments, drinks, and paper goods
  4. Invitations are provided
  5. Includes Party Coordinator(s) to set-up, and provide guidance

"Adult Closed Studio Party"
We'll close our Entire Studio for your private party!
Group larger than 24 guests
can enjoy the amenities of our
"Adult After-Hours Party" DURING business hours.

*** Perfect for UNIQUE Bridal or Baby Showers ***

* Morning or Late-Day closing available: Saturdays & Sundays, 10:00 am-1 pm or 3-6 pm
Morning or Late Day Closed Studio Fee: $500, plus pottery, gratuity and tax

* Mid-day closing available: Saturdays & Sundays, 12 noon - 3pm
Mid - day Closed Studio Fee: $750, plus gratuity and tax.

Pottery Options
All adult parties can choose from the following pottery options:

  1. Identical pieces: Guests paint identical pottery pieces pre-determined by Host
  2. Pre-Selected prince range: Host pre-selects a price range or pottery selection, and guests choose from those pieces
  3. Painter's choice: Guests each choose from our entire pottery selection
  4. Group Project: Guests each paint a portion of a group project, such as a our 14 or 28 tile mirror

Payment Options
All adult parties can choose from the following payment options:

  1. Party Host pays for the group (tax and gratuity will be added)
  2. Each guest self-pays (tax will be added to individual tallies; gratuity to be paid by Party Host)

Additional Information

  1. Deposit: A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking all adult parties. This deposit is refundable for 3 days after booking. After that, deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  2. Final Count: Final guest count is due 3 days in advance of your party date. This count is your GUARANTEED minimum. A charge of $10.00 per person will be incurred for all guests short of your guaranteed minimum.
  3. Additional Party Time: is available at $100/hour
  4. Gratuity: A 15% gratuity will be added to all adult parties.
  5. Please no piñatas or confetti!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only non-alcoholic beverages are permitted on ARTrageous premises.