GLASS FUSING:  How it Works

Glass Fusing is fun and easy to do, and the fired result is always AMAZING!  

No classes or previous experience are necessary to enjoy this fabulous art form.
Just drop-in and try it any time! 
  1. SELECT A GLASS BASE for your project.
    Round or square? Large or small? Clear or opaque? It's up to you!
  2. CREATE A DESIGN by laying bits and beads of colored glass on your base. We have lots of pre-cut design bits available, or we can show you how to cut your own. (Fun, simple, and, hey, you learn something new every day!)
  3. SECURE YOUR DESIGN BITS IN PLACE with a dab of glue - so they stay put until we fire your piece.
  4. LEAVE THE REST TO US!   We'll fire your artwork to create beautiful, fused-glass finished ware. We can even fire it a second time over a mold, so it takes on a bowl-, dish-, or candle holder shape.

  • Fused Glass Is Priced according to the size of the piece.  4" piece = $22.99; 5" = $28.99;  6" = $32.99, and so on, up to 12".
  • Fused Glass Price Includes:  Glass base, design bits, materials, instruction, and a first firing (called the "fuse firing).  Perfect for glass art, sun catchers, pendants, ornaments, cake platters, and other "flat" pieces.
  • Slump Firing:  If desired, we can fire your piece a second time over a mold (called the "slump firing") to create a dish, bowl, or candle holder shape.  Slump firing fees are based on the size of the piece, i.e., 4: = $4.99; 5" = $5.99; 6" = $6.99, and so on, up to 12".
  • Even Kids Can Do it!  Safety Glass (a collection of smooth, pre-fired design bits) is available for use by kids pre-school age and up.  
  • Fused Glass Pieces are Functional and Food-Safe.  Use them to hold jelly beans, jewelry, business cards, napkins, scented soaps ... you name it!
  • Firing Time:  Unless other specified, your fused glass will be ready for pick-up in 2 weeks.  We do not call you when it's ready.  Just come in on the "promise date" to pick it up.
  • Fused Glass Care:  Treat your fired art lovingly:  Hand wash; No oven or microwave, please.