At ARTrageous, we “PUT THE ART IN PARTY,” and we have

 loads of choices for the ultimate party convenience!


Choose from:  

Our “All-Inclusive Party” is Available in 3 Pottery Size/Price Levels:


·         “Deluxe” Party

               Select from awesome 6" pieces.  1 3/4 hours of party time
               $499 for up to 12 Painters;  $32.99 each additional;  24 painters max + tax + 15%                      gratuity.

·         “Party Animal” Party

               Select from irresistible 4.5" pieces.  1.5 hours of party time.
               $449 for up to 12 Painters;  $26.99 each additional;  24 painters max + tax + 15%                      gratuity. 

·         “Collectible” Party 

               Select from adorable 3" pieces.  1.5 of party time
               $399 for up to 12 Painters;  $22.99 each additional;  24 painters max + tax + 15%                      gratuity. 


No matter which All-Inclusive party level you choose,

 it’s no work for MOM

Just bring the kids and the cake!



Deluxe, Party Animal, and Collectible Parties include:

·         Use of our Private Party Room

·         One pottery piece per painter

·         All materials, glazing, and firing

·         1 slice of pizza per painter

·         Choice of soda, juice, or spring water

·         Include: invitations, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and candles

·         1-2 Party Coordinators to host your event


        Our Private Party Room Seats up to 24

Fired pottery is cellophane wrapped and ready for pick-up in 2 weeks


 Deluxe, Party Animal, and Collectible Parties: 

·         Are for a minimum of 12, maximum of 24 guests

·         Can be booked at 10:30 am, 1 pm, or 3:30 or 4 pm on Weekends (times can vary on weekdays)


All THREE PARTY LEVELS Offer the Same Benefits.  

The differences between the ALL- INCLUSIVE PARTY levels are just: 

·         Size of the pottery piece (small, medium, or large)

·         Length of the party (1-3/4 hours for Deluxe; 1-1/2 hours for Party Animal and Collectible)

·         And Price: $499, $449, or $399 for the first 12 guests (plus tax and gratuity)


Kids choose from 40+ pottery selections in each party price range.

·         Each collection includes: 

-- Kid-friendly pieces that appeal to both girls and boys, like banks, figures, and trinket boxes; 

-- Plus a selection of functional-ware, including dishes, cereal bowls, and mugs.


We also offer:

·         "Bring Your Own Food" Party: Lots of options here, from Kosher food, a tray of bagels, sack of Happy Meals, PB&J, “cake only,” or a complete buffet!

·         "After-Hours" Party: Great for large groups, or when “standard business hours” just won’t do. Available Saturday thru Wednesday, starting at 6:30 pm. Standard party pricing plus $125 After-Hours Fee applies.


Kids “Let’s Create” Party


                This is an Art-Only, Budget Friendly Event, held in our Main Studio.  At “Let’s Create” Parties,    YOU choose your pottery piece, and YOU choose your price range, for ultimate creative flexibility. 


 It’s a great choice for:

·         Small groups

·         Tweens

·         Pre-sleepover parties

·         Scout Troops,

·         When you're hosting the "food" portion of the party "back at the house" or at a restaurant. 


"Let's Create" Parties include:

·         1 1/4 hours of reserved space in our main studio

·         This is an art-only, non-food party

·         Choose your Piece/Choose Your Price Range (over 400 choices)

·         Includes pottery, materials, glazing, firing, and festive wrap

·         1 party coordinator to guide your group

·         Includes invitations


The "Let's Create" Party Price is:  "Pottery + Tax + 15% gratuity"

·         Pottery prices start at $7 for hanging letters and ceramic magnets. 

·         Most pieces fall into the $20-$35 price range.