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Scout Troop ARTventures

Perfect for: Troops Outings * Art Badge Fulfillmet * Mother's & Father's Day Gifts * Ornament Parties * Christmas/Chanukah Parties * Year-End Parties

Experience the excitement of POTTERY PAINTING - Turn a piece of plain bisque into a unique ceramic creation! Learn simple steps to ceramic success, and paint your own work of art. We'll glaze and fire your piece to a bright, shiny gloss... and you'll pick up a food-sage, one of a kind, "Wow! That was fun!" ceramic masterpiece!

Project Ideas:
Mug / Dessert Plate / Cereal Bowl $28 Tile Trivet / Mighty Tots $12
Trinket Box / Banks / Figures $28 Collectible Animals / 8" Letters $18
Mini-Beaded Plaque / Necklace / Leaf Dish $22 Ornaments / Coasters / Magnets $6-$12

Try out exciting GLASS FUSING CENTER - Combine colorful glass pieces to create kiln-fired, Murano-look artglass. Fired artglass can be shaped into glittering serving ware, ornaments, candle holders, sparkling jewelry, and more. The possibilities are endless, and the fun is addictive!

Project Ideas:
6" square Glass Artwork w/feet $28 3" Ornament $18
4" Coaster / Picture Frame / Pendant / Ornament $22 2" Glass Magnet $12
(Slump your piece into a dish or candle holder: $4.00 additional)

Take our NEW CLAY HANDBUILDING CLASS - Experience the sensual feel and creative possibilities inherent in a lump of clay. Troops can learn slab rolling, clay stamping, pot coiling, wedging, and more. Then paint your masterpiece. We'll glaze and fire it to create an everlasting, hand-made earthenware treasure.

Project Ideas:
Wind Chime / Bird House / Dish/ Bowl/ Candle Holder / Vase $28
Pinch Pot / Coil Pot / Gingerbread Girl / Pendant with Necklace / Trivet $22
Ornaments / Magnets / Coaster $12

- Tour our kiln room
- Learn how pottery and glass are fired
- Work toward and Art or Ceramic Badge

An ARTRAGEOUS FUN PATCH for every participant!

10% Discount for Scout Troops

Painting pottery at ARTrageous is as easy as 1-2-3-4!
  1. Pick your pottery from hundreds of unfinished bisque pieces on our shelves.
  2. Plan your design. Need ideas? We're full of ‘em! Browse our "Inspiration Station" for stamps, spnges, design books, and samples galore to get your inner Van Gogh "Van-Going"!
  3. Select your colors from dozens of super shades like Candy Apple Red, Blue Yonder, Purple-icious, and Orange Ya Happy!
  4. Paint your heart put! Drop your inhibitions, color outside the lines, finger paint, splash, splatter, experiment and just plain "Go For It!"

Then, Let Us Do The Rest!
We'll glaze and fire your creation to turn into a unique and food-sale ceramic masterpiece! So, your piece will not only be beautiful ... it will be useful too! Imagine enjoying your coffee, past and even your Wheaties in pottery you painted yourself! And imagine your pride when you say "Guess what? I made it"!